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What To Expect

Our multiple space venue is available for any event, any time of the year. Banquet Hall, Outdoor BBQ, Theater space and Game Room are options that fulfill the needs of any type of event. From large weddings and corporate events to bar mitzvah and trade exhibitions, we are one out of few places in New York that can offer so many different options at such an affordable price. The surrounding areas of the Floral Park Towers, the huge parking lot, the small indoor mall, our famous restaurant and chefs adds further to your guests' experience.

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  • Banquet Hall

    Features a beautiful 5000 sq.f. area, crystal chandeliers, and a bar.


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  • Outdoor Options

    BBQ area, cocktail bar or sitting tables, it's up to you!


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  • Theater Hall

    For your speeches, business conferences, presentations or private movie


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  • Game & Meetings

    500 seats for table games or 1-to-1 meetings


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a little about Our History

Located in the heart of Queens, Floral Park Tower’s wedding venue and banquet hall offers far more than a breathtaking backdrop for New York's most noteworthy entertainment events, fashion shows, and political ceremonies. While the venue’s beautiful European-inspired décor and custom-made ceiling never fail to leave guests speechless, the Venue’s contributions to the community are equally as impressive. Since opening, the venue has worked tirelessly with numerous charities to improve the lives of those in need, and has been recognized by city, state, and national publications for both its philanthropic works and its excellence as an event venue.

Let's discuss

With a serving capacity of more than 4,000 guests, you will have plenty of room and options to choose from. We also offer complete custom menu and multiple transfer services from the city and the airports.

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“Never expected to find such a beautiful event's venue in Queens. Awesome experience, totally suggested”

- Albert E. Forenhoff

Room Booking

Thanks for staying with us! Please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact with your shortly.